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Servanthood Evangelism 

Pre- and Post Seminar Survey 


Participation is strictly voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time.

Please take a few moments to complete this survey which has 25 questions. The idea is that you do this survey before the start of our weekly gatherings and then do the same survey again, after the completion of the course. The idea is to gain an understanding of changes that occur and knowledge new knowledge that is obtained after the course and how that may shape your view and participation in servanthood evangelism after the course.[1] 


Please answer accurately in terms of what your feelings/actions/thoughts are currently rather than what you think they should be. If you can, try to avoid the N (neither agree nor disagree) answer. Please do not put your name on the survey (see instructions in other attachment). If possible, please print and bring with you to our first meeting.


Here are definitions of some terms for clarification if you need them.

  • Spiritual disciplines- Practical acts (practices) that Christians engage in so that God

can work through these acts to bring transformation in the life of a Christian.

Examples include: Bible reading, prayer, fasting, solitude, and church attendance.

  •  Missional- A missional Christian is a person who sees him or herself as sent into the

world by God to engage on the spreading of the gospel.

  •  Formation- the process undertaken by God of developing a Christian into the image of


  • Discern- identify and notice.

  •  Hospitality- having a welcoming, generous attitude and then expressing that welcome

through some kind of action, for example, sharing a meal, speaking a kind word,

acknowledging a marginalized person.

  • Servanthood evangelism: Providing an act of service or kindness in the process of sharing the gospel.

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