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about bob and candace moya

Our Story


“All things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23


Does God still transform hearts and heal families? This was the big question that inspired our ministry from the beginning. I wasn’t raised in church, but at the age of thirteen I was lead to salvation in Christ by a street preacher on the streets of Dallas. I witnessed God use the Gospel of Christ to completely transform my mother and father from alcohol addiction, depression, and many other destructive deceptions. My wife Candace grew up in a Christian home but had experienced the pain of divorce. The kind of healing and restoration God brought her family was nothing short of miraculous. We were in the ministry as youth pastors in the spring of 2001, but firmly believed God had a new journey in store for us. Thus, City Chapel was born. 



More friends. more coffee.


As we gathered together with a handful of friends in our small apartment in Arlington, Texas, our prayers were simple – "God would you use us to start a church filled with the kind of power that we have seen in our own families?" 


As we prayed and studied the Bible, our small group began to grow. Our living room was filled to capacity and the coffee was flowing. Over the next few years, God would continue to add people to our group. We moved from our apartment to a coffee shop, of course! We then found ourselves operating out of a school, then a smaller church, then a bigger church, and then finally TWO church buildings. God was showing us that He did in fact have a plan for us – one that's played out greater than we could have ever imagined.



No perfect church 


Although City Chapel is a wonderful church, we are aware no church is perfect. If you come and worship with us on a Sunday morning, pray with us on a Wednesday night, or attend any of our ministries, you'll find yourself worshiping alongside people from all walks of life. You might find someone struggling to overcome addiction. It's possible you could happen to share a meal with a single mom trying to hold down two jobs all the while raising teenagers. You may sit next to a successful business person or someone praying to find a job. We are all imperfect people, but at the end of the day, we have all seen God do the impossible in peoples lives over and over again. 


I invite you to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings and spend time praying and studying the Bible with us on Wednesday nights. Come and have some coffee and make some new friends. Join us on our quest to reach more families with the life-changing love of God. Additionally, we have great services and ministries for all ages – children, youth, college and young adults, and even the nursery for the little ones. 



God is good


God has been good to us and has exceeded His promise to show up in our midst. After all these years, our belief remains the same: We believe that God can transform every heart and heal any home. 


We believe God wants to transform your heart and transform your family for generations to come and into eternity. There is nothing that God cannot change, heal, or fix in your heart or home. We are here to believe right alongside you. 

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